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Life at Faurecia

February 13th

Meeting with FS TUL Racing Sponsors

As one of the sponsors of the FS TUL Racing student formula team, we had the opportunity to talk to the students about their future plans both within the team and on a personal level.

They also showed us that their formula can handle driving on snow, even in unfavorable weather.

setkání se sponzory

March 15th


University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Job Fair

Our first job fair of the year took place at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. For the first time, we used our new FORVIA pop-up wall, which served us as a fantastic photo corner as well.

April 18th

den motorsportu

TUL Liberec Motorsport Day

As one of the main partners of the Formula Student TU Liberec team, we couldn't miss the opportunity to support these talented students!

April 26th

JobDay JČU

The job fair at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice took place after a three-year break, and of course, we couldn't miss it. Our coffee machine and FORVIA mugs were also there, ensuring we had great conversations with the students.


Interviews at JČU

Students from the University of South Bohemia had the opportunity to experience how a interview unfolds and what kind of questions candidates may encounter at our company.

May 3rd


Job Fair at ČVUT

The last job fair we attended before the start of summer was held at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Out of all the fairs, we brought back 106 new contacts this year. We are excited to see who will start their career with us this time!

May 18th

Gala Chambre de commerce franco-tchèque

As the main partner of the VIE award and the Gala Chambre de commerce franco-tchèque, we had the honor of playing a significant role in presenting this prestigious award and sharing our valuable experiences with the VIE program with colleagues from other companies.


May 26th and 27th

Majáles v Liberci

This year, we participated for the first time, and we immediately showed that even the automotive industry knows how to dance.

June 13th

Study and Work Interviews at Škoda Auto University 

In the Study and Work program, students have the opportunity to combine their studies with work. We meet them on the school premises to discuss what they might find interesting at our company.

August 10th-12th

Formula Student Race v Mostu

We can't miss it this year either! Come and witness the competition among 60 student formula teams from around the world. It will be an exhilarating ride!

formula most


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Life at Faurecia
Life at Faurecia