We are FORVIA day

forvia day

On 7th February, we celebrated together across all the races as part of FORVIA Day the first anniversary of the merger between Faurecia and HELLA. And how did the celebrations unfold at individual plants?

Preparations were in full swing since the early hours, and of course, the proper decorations were a must, including balloons, flags, banners, flyers, and posters displaying the program of all activities. Proper celebrations could not go without a festive menu, featuring hamburgers, schnitzels with potato salad, cupcakes, fruit baskets, cream puffs, and other treats. Throughout the day, there were fun activities such as contests for valuable prizes, tastings, photo booths, and coffee corners.

During FORVIA Day, the global competition „Who did it" was also launched. The task was to guess whether either Faurecia or HELLA had been involved in the production of a selected product in the past. We are thrilled to announce that one of our colleagues from the Pardubice plant became one of the winners. As a symbol of sustainability, our FORVIA Group colleagues have prepared a tree, which will have its honorary place in front of the Pardubice plant for the winner.